AT the beginning of the year Trudy Harrison, MP for Copeland, got up in the House of Commons and asked to meet with Theresa May to discuss the Moorside Development, and how important it was to her constituency.

In doing so she committed the original sin of a saleswoman failing to understand what the customer actually wants, and how she is well place to provide it.

The customer is 'Stop Global Warming,' it's not going anywhere, and its voice is getting louder and more demanding each and every day.

In a country overwhelmingly rich in wind resources, producing electric with a nuclear reactor is not economically viable.

However, to stop global warming you need to create a zero carbon economy, and it takes more than cheap electric to do that.

You need a replacement for aviation fuel, diesel, and natural gas.

That suggests using hydrogen gas extracted from water.

You can use electric from a wind turbine or solar panel, however, another is to use nuclear reactors to supper heat water and extract hydrogen, that way given the considerable quantities we are going to need it's probably a viable option.

The most infuriating thing about the people of West Cumbria is that the greatest customer the world has ever seen, 'Stop global Warming,' will walk past West Cumbria because its people don't understand what is required of them.

Roy Ivison