THE £20m Windermere Jetty Museum of Boats, Steam and Stories opens on March 23 so we are taking a look at steamboats which brought an age of elegance to the lake.

Annual rallies by the Steamboat Association of Great Britain have given enthusiasts an opportunity to show off their vessels and dress in the Victorian and Edwardian style.

The 1995 rally was a week-long event which attracted 26 steam-powered craft of all sizes and ages from all over the country.

On the Tuesday, boat owners and guests put on historic costumes for a floating lunch.

The Mail, on August 17, noted: “Owners dined aboard their respective boats, sporting their best china and music was provided by a wind-up gramophone.”

The new museum, operated by Lakeland Arts, has a collection of 40 vessels.

It tells the 200-year-old history of boats and boat building in the Lake District.