A THIEF who stole £60 worth of meat and beauty products on Christmas Eve has been jailed.

Kerry Jane Mallett, of Longway, Barrow, admitted stealing three topside joints, lamb chops, diced casserole beef, pork chops and a pork loin joint belonging to the Coop on Roose Road.

The 46-year-old also took £60 worth of beauty products from B&M Bargains on Hindpool Road on the same day, South Cumbria Magistrates Court heard.

She also pleaded guilty to stealing seven bottles of spirits worth £136.50 from Tesco Metro on Flass Lane on December 30 and three beef joints and three multi-packs of yoghurts, to the value of £51 from the Coop, on December 29.

She was told to pay compensation to the value of the thefts for all four offences and was jailed for four weeks.