LATEST updates have revealed a car has flipped over onto its roof as a result of the snowy conditions hitting the area.

Reports have come in of a crash involving a car being flipped over into a field in Millom.

It is believed that the car was heading towards Silecroft and police are currently at the scene.

There is a high police presence in the area.

John Bull Hill has also been severely affected by the snow as many of Millom School’s buses got stuck causing a backlog of traffic.

Despite police presence remaining high traffic has now eased in the area.

Drivers are being urged to take extra care following a period of snowfall.

A blanket of snow has covered roads and pavements in Barrow causing both to be slippy.

At the moment there are no schools in the area currently closed.

Motorists should take extra care whilst driving in these conditions. Corney Fell Road is closed due to snow between Bootle and Millom.

Drivers are struggling to get up John Bull hill John bull Hill at Valley end.

Cumbria Police have also warned of hazardous conditions on the A595 between Bootle and Millom.

Rail passengers are advised to check their trains are still operating before heading to the station.

The yellow weather warning for snow and ice in Barrow is set to end at 11am with forecasts only predicting light snow over lunchtime.