A BODYBUILDER who was mocked by the nation after revealing his diet of fish and rice cakes has undergone a physical transformation.

Barrovian Danny Andrews, 29, rose to fame in 2007 after the release of the BBC Three documentary ‘Babyfaced Bodybuilders’.

The aspiring fitness model was followed by cameramen for months to gain an insight into the strict regime of a body-builder

In the documentary, a 16-year-old Danny explained his daily diet during the fortnight prior to the Mr Cumbria body-building competition, which consisted of eight sets of fish rice cakes.

At that time, Danny was oblivious his unusual diet regime would establish his decade-long-nickname of ‘fish and rice cake guy’.

Danny, who grew up in Hawcoat, said the clip, which was shared millions of times online is still following him around 12 years later.

He said: “At first I didn’t find it funny but now I look back and laugh.

"I can’t help but cringe at how many times I say fish and rice cake but I was just trying to explain what I eat when training.

“I still get recognised today, I sometimes get prank calls with people saying lines and some people come into my barber shop asking if I’m the fish and rice cake guy.”

However, Danny claims he has completely transformed his body since the documentary and is now a barber and fitness fanatic living in Preston.

He said: “I train just for fitness now but I’d like to compete again in body-building in three years time.

“I’ve got much more variety in my diet now, at the time of the documentary I’d just left school and didn’t really know what I was doing.”

The 29-year-old rose to internet fame once again this week when his fitness-inspired Instagram account was picked up by LadBible affiliates: SportBible.

Pictures of Danny’s transformed appearance caused quite the internet stir.

Danny said he often gets approached for body-building tips and advice, however, he no longer recommends the fish and a rice cake diet to aspiring fitness models.