THIS week is Independent Venue Week with the nation and BBC6 Music shining a light on grass roots music venues, the people who run them, the bands who play them and the communities they support.

Under the 'independent venue' banner in this part of the world is Barrow Underground Music Society (BUMS), which puts on a strong and popular programme of music, mainly on weekends.

Back on Saturday nights is DJ Gripper's Incredible Electric Discotheque and on Friday, February 8, the Carlisle Street venue hosts Barrow R&B Club's rearranged gig with The Stumble.

Coming up on Friday, February 22 is local favourites Cellar 5 with serious selections from DJ Gav (Sonic Glue) and Ponyland are on stage on March 1.

Although, apparently nearly a sell out, The Stumble show promises to be a cracking night of blues, rock, soul and old school R&B from one of the region's most liked bands, who have been wowing audiences with the energy and virtuosity of their live performances for more than 20 years. Festival favourites far and wide, The Stumble took their creative talents to a new level with their acclaimed fourth album, The Other Side.

The blues is where it all started for The Stumble, with founding member and Colin Black and drummer/songwriter Boyd Tonner both major figures in the new wave blues boom coming out of Glasgow in the 1980s and 1990s.

Latterly, the band has embraced a wider spectrum of influences and craft their own original songs. They are masters of the numbers they interpret and are absolutely solid in every musical department.

Check out saxophonist, Simon Anthony Dixon, whose solos have the hairs on the back of your neck standing up; guitarist Ant Scapans is not only a six string virtuoso but also a good singer and has a wealth of experience fronting bands; Cameron Sweetnam is a highly regarded and talented bass player; drummer Boyd Tonner provides impeccable, infectious rhythms; Colin Black is an amazing guitarist and harmonica player; and the voice himself, Paul Melville, a natural performer with a captivating stage presence and soulful vocal chords to match. All are consummate performers who can turn it on. They ooze raw power, emotion, joyous melodies, heartbreaking blues and are a band well worth turning out to see.