Once again our ever-procrastinating Prime Minister - continuing to travel around again and again along the one-way traffic system she is following - has brought yet another Brexit ‘plan’, which turns out, yet again, to be the same ‘plan’ to Parliament, still pretending to be working towards what 17.4 million UK citizens voted for in 2016 to leave the EU.

Her ‘consultations’ with other parties have proven to be nothing other than yet another of her delaying tactics, as - surprise, surprise - she ignored any view other than her own, as she continues undeterred, plodding along, clinging to her thoroughly defeated deal, ignoring all and sundry, towards the realisation her true plan, which ever more evidently is to take us up a dead-end at the very last minute, so we run out of time and Brexit does not take place.

There is, as we have all seen, no consensus for her devious plan in Parliament and her persistent obstinacy now indicates there never will be.

So, there is only one course of action to take to preserve our long held and world admired democracy - it is time for a general election, so the electorate may elect representatives to action what we did vote for back in 2016.

Then surely the politicians would be forced to accept the will of the people rather than still harping on about what they want rather than what their constituents actually voted for.

Or is that too much to ask from them?

Pat Palmer, via email