CAN dog owners and walkers please keep their dog or dogs under control when they are out.

I am absolutely sick and fed up with people letting their dogs free to run wild when they are either on a mobile or talking to someone else.

Dogs do need to run and have exercise and most people are great with their dogs, but not all I'm afraid.

Some people simply do not care, maybe that is a sign of a larger issue in society but whatever the reason it is not fair on the animals.

My own personal experience of this comes from being out on walks with my dog.

My dog has been attacked twice now once sometime ago in Barrow Park and more recently near Abbey Road when a dog suddenly came from nowhere, and the owner completely ignored my concerns and just said: "It's only a puppy."

But it was quite large and vicious, so I said it should be on a lead, but you just get ignored.

And although it has not happened often you can get a person who is quite threatening and respond to your comments with a volley of abuse.

People just have the excuse it is only young or it is a rescue dog, or I can't get it back.

But you cannot blame the dogs - it is the people who are with them.

It is their responsibility to keep them on a lead.

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