I MADE a New Year resolution to walk more and leave the car at home.

My routes have mainly been through local streets and I must say that so far this month it has been a pretty depressing experience.

Litter and dog muck are everywhere.


It’s not the fault our council and it’s not for lack of knowledge. It is just sheer laziness and lack of pride.

I used to live on a terraced street with no front garden but I swept the pavement frequently, mopped and ‘donkey-stoned’ my front and back doorsteps and have never knowingly dropped litter nor have my children and grandchildren.

The profusion of take-away outlets doesn’t help nor does the habit of drinking from plastic, non-returnable bottles but there are litter bins a plenty - so please use them.

I also noted the other day that a large number of vodka bottles have been discarded in some bushes that I wandered past.

It’s a pity that we can't have litter police patrolling our street these streets, especially in the evening, looking out for people throwing their rubbish on the floor.

It's just laziness and the culprits need action taking against them to stop this happening.

Do people really not care anymore.

Also, on the subject of litter, I truly appreciate and value my postmen but why do they have to discard rubber bands as they walk their rounds?

Is it too much to expect that, when removed from mail, they can be dropped back into the post bag and returned to the depot and used again.


Come on Barrovians, clean up your act.

B Proud, via email