AN ANTI-wind farm campaigner forced the public inquiry to be halted after she began drumming to recreate the noise of the turbines.

Serenia France, from Gawthwaite, requested to be able to play the rhythm of a wind turbine throughout the proceedings to demonstrate why residents oppose the continuation of the windfarm.

This request was denied by Government planning inspector Philip Ware.

But about 20 seconds after the representative from developers Ventient Energy began his opening statement, Ms France produced a homemade drum and proceeded to recreate the noise of a wind turbine.

The interruption forced proceedings to halt and despite requests to desist from the inspector and a number of others, Ms France refused to stop.

As a result of the distraction, the inquiry was adjourned for approximately 45 minutes while attempts were made to convince Ms France to stop drumming.

After a number of failed attempts, the police were eventually called and an officer escorted Ms France out of the appeal.

She left willingly once requested by the officer and did not return for the remainder of the days discussion.

A Mail reporter attempted to talk to Ms France during the protest to get further details about her reasons behind it, but she did not respond to any questions.

Once Ms France had left the room, Mr Ware apologised to everyone in attendance for the interruption and consequent delays caused.

He explained that little could have been done until the police had arrived.

Proceedings resumed at around 12.15pm.

A spokesperson for KMP explained Ms France lives close to the windfarm at Gawthwaite and said she was particularly affected by the noise from the turbines.

He said: “She has our sympathies, but we don’t support her interruption of the inquiry.”