ACOUSTIC alt rock singer-songwriter Adrian Ventura has released his latest single Dance With Me. Like his previous release South Sea Prayer, featured on BBC Introducing in Cumbria, Dance With Me features the Zimbabwean-born musician's signature mix of acoustic alternative rock with ska and reggae influences. "The moment we heard the final tracking of Dance With Me we knew this was going to be the first single," said Adrian. "It’s catchy, earnest, and purveys that feeling so many of us face when we fancy someone. This song hopefully inspires courage and gets people moving."

Dance With Me features local musicians, drummer Tim Lowe and bass player, Paul Fulker (bass), and is produced by Andris Kiss. The single and accompanying music video were recorded at Andris’ Heavy Rain Sound Studio at Kendal.

Andris said he believed a great album must have a good storyline and the first song was always "very determinant." He added: "In about 5-10 seconds it has to be able to deliver the message, main vibe the artist represents and also get your attention. There was no doubt which song has to be the album starter. Dance With Me is catchy, has a positive vibe, makes you smile instantly and it will just make your day a better one.”

Adrian performs live across the north west and online through Facebook and Instagram. Dance With Me is available as a free download for members of the mailing list on and is out on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Music. The mini-album Sometime. Maybe? Yeah! will be out across all platforms on January 23.