I read with great interest the article on Ulverston’s Blue Light Hub in Thursday's Mail and how Cllr Ben Shirley, the Conservative councillor for Dalton North had to go to the Barrow local committee to vent his questionable anguish over a building that is not even in his ward or town.

It seems strange to me that he did not question the County Councillor in whose ward this building stands on this subject, it could of course be that it is a Conservative Councillor, James Airey, so he would not have been able to grandstand in front of an audience, nor has he attended Ulverston Town Council meetings or written to the council to put questions to us about the delays in the completion of the Hub.

No doubt the Conservative group of councillors, consisting of Town and some who are also District and County councillors would have been most willing to answer him and update him on how things were progressing after the meeting.

It is annoying that this building as not been completed but I believe that this is due to the original private contractors wanting to renegotiate with Cumbria County Council after work had begun.

No doubt that if negotiations are still in progress then these will be confidential but, hopefully they can be completed quickly and the Hub can be put to use for the police, fire and ambulance.

Cllr David Webster

Ulverston Mayor