CAMPAIGNERS who want to see the Kirkby Moor wind farm pulled down say a petition with more than 100,000 signatures from people across the world is not as relevant as views from local people.

The 12 turbines, built in 1993, will be the subject of a public inquiry later this month after South Lakeland District Council denied Ventient Energy permission to extend the lifespan of the wind farm until 2027.

An online petition to keep the turbines and has attracted more than 120,000 signatures.

But a spokesman for Kirkby Moor Protectors (KMP) said: “Given the nature of their on-line petition the Green Party and Ventient Energy must be very disappointed that only 120,000 responded.

“It was basically asking for a commitment to renewables and drew responses from all over the country and abroad.

“Given the fact that this is a local planning inquiry with many local issues, we don’t think the views of people who are not local are relevant.

“Nowadays plans for windfarms must have the backing of the local community with each case taken on its individual merits.

“What really counts is what the local parishes, the local councillors, our local MP, Cumbria Tourism, Cumbria Wildlife, and a host of local agencies and organisations think.”

Ventient Energy argues continued use of the turbines would be beneficial to the community and the country’s green energy sector.

A public inquiry will be held at the Coronation Hall in Ulverston on January 22 to decide the wind farm's fate.