The team at the Lakeland Motor Museum were paid a surprise visit by Drew Pritchard, the presenter of TV’s Salvage Hunters.

Mr Pritchard and his team stopped-by having spent two days scouting for potential locations for the next series of the hit show and came to the museum having had fond memories of a previous visit five years ago.

In September last year, the show’s production team expressed an interest in a return to Cumbria and have been visiting numerous locations which may be suitable for the forthcoming new series.

Mr Pritchard enjoyed a guided tour of the museum Chris Lowe, Operations Manager at Lakeland Motor Museum.

Mr Pritchard said: “This is one of the best museums in the country. It’s up there as one of the top three motor museums in this country for sure, if not in the whole of Europe.

"I like it an awful lot. It’s a huge mix and I really enjoy it.

“Today, basically I’m here for pleasure. I just called in because I have a lifelong passion for cars and I’m working on a new car programme as well. The new show, Salvage Hunters Classic Cars comes out next week. I would quite happily do an episode of the show from here. There’s enough here for us to film a really good episode and really interest people in what you guys have got. The collection is so diverse, you couldn’t help but not be interested.”