TWO food businesses in Barrow have been given the lowest possible food hygiene rating.

Environmental Health inspectors visited Cakes and Shakes, in Anchor Road, on November 30 and Baan Siam, in Dalton Road, on December 5. Both were given zero ratings.

After a premises has been inspected an overall number rating, from zero (the worst) to five (the best) is awarded, based on food standards found at the time of inspection.

Cakes and Shakes was found to require major improvement in management of food safety and hygienic food handling.

Baan Siam was ordered to carry out major improvements in cleanliness and management of food safety.

Business owners can appeal the rating or request another inspection.

Premises are inspected routinely at a frequency between six months and five years determined by a hazard rating based on compliance history and the type of food being handled.