A CONTRACTOR with a 'phobia of being manhandled' assaulted a doorman when he was thrown out of a Barrow nightclub.

Shane Molloy, of no fixed abode, had been on a night out in Barrow, where he had been working as a crane operator, with a group of friends on September 29 of last year.

The 33-year-old was reported to bouncers by a female in the group who claimed he had been "staring at her" while they were in Broadway in Cavendish Street.

He was asked to stop but continued and as a result bouncer Phil Mason attempted to remove him from the club.

Molloy resisted and as he was taken outside he punched Mr Mason and kicked him.

Prosecutor Diane Jackson told South Cumbria Magistrates' Court yesterday how Molloy had been aggressive towards police when they intervened.

She pointed out that the doorman had "only been doing his job".

"He was forcibly removed and later examination of CCTV showed him kicking at Mr Mason," she said.

"A police officer witnessed him acting aggressively on the floor.

“He asked Mr Molloy what his name was and he replied 'You don't need to know who I am. What's your name?'"

The court heard the incident took place at around 1.30am inside the club. Molloy, of no fixed abode, did not have any previous convictions.

Defence solicitor Mike Graham said Molloy had a phobia of being manhandled and that explained his reaction to being forcibly removed from the club.

"He has had a pleasant evening with a number of friends including females," Mr Graham said.

"He was asked to leave and he didn't quite hear so he went and asked what was said. He has a phobia of having hands placed on him.

"He says any kicks were not a deliberate attempt to cause harm but he accepts it was reckless and therefore pleads guilty to assault on that basis."

The court was told after he was arrested and taken to Barrow Police Station Molloy refused to comment during interview.

He was fined £350 and also ordered to pay £50 compensation to Mr Mason and £85 court costs.