Luxury glassware made in Cumbria has been adding a sparkle to a Golden Globe winning film.

Actor Rami Malek picked up the Golden Globe for Best Actor for his portrayal of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury in the film Bohemian Rhapsody.

However, a supporting role was also played by the Grasmere collection made by Cumbria Crystal in Ulverston.

Cumbria Crystal managing director Chris Blade said the film makers chose to use the range of fine, handmade lead crystal as a prop in a key scene in the film.

It is the latest big screen appearance for the company's products, which was also used in James Bond film Casino Royale and 2017's Darkest Hour.

The crystal is also a regular adornment for the dinner table of the Crawley family in Downton Abbey.

"Sometimes we know that we have sent things (to film makers) and sometimes people hire them through a prop agency," said Mr Blade.

"Of course, with the filming and editing process even if we know we have sent something we can never be sure it will appear."

Such is the enthusiasm for Downton Abbey in the United States that an exhibition recreating the set of the programme is currently touring the country.

This includes Cumbria Crystal's Grasmere collection, which is part of the exhibition and also available for visitors to buy.

"Within the exhibition they have built a complete reconstruction of the dining room at the castle and the dining room is laden with our crystal and available to people who go to the exhibition," said Mr Blade.

As well as appearing in the movies, Cumbria Crystal has also been working closely with luxury car maker Bentley.

This has included making special champagne flutes to go in the Bentley Bentayga Mulliner and working with the designers of its Continental GT on its headlights as a well as range of luxury giftware to go with the car.

It also made a special set of tumblers and a decanter to go with the limited centenary edition Bentley Mulsanne.

"I am working with their design teams to create a vision using quality craftsmanship," said Mr Blade.

"They really want to refer back to the quality of craftsmanship in Britain, not just manufacturing, but our skills as well."

The company is also involved in prototyping work with Rolls Royce, as well as supplying jewellers and silversmith Hamilton and Inches and making a special set of luxury glass lampshades for lighting company Bella Figura.