A VIOLENT offender who vowed to blow up Furness General Hospital has been released from jail.

Leroy McCarthy was jailed in October, 2017, after making a series of threats on Facebook.

The 24-year-old, a self-styled soldier of Allah, posted: “They wouldn’t be able to evacuate all of FGH’s patients in time before at least one of the three explosions.”

McCarthy escaped being charged with a terrorism offence because his Facebook profile was set to private. He pleaded guilty to communications offences.

In November he was issued with a violent offender order after plastering the walls of his prison cell with hand-drawn pictures showing probation officers being decapitated.

McCarthy agreed to the order and said: “Whatever they want. I just want to go home.”

Barrow MP John Woodcock said “Barrow will not welcome him returning.” But McCarthy was released two weeks before Christmas and is not subject to any licence conditions.

He also has an open Facebook profile, which says he lives in Manchester. On Christmas Eve he posted: “Without Muslims you wouldn’t have the local cornershops open throughout Christmas to restock your alcohol levels.”

When asked about the conditions of his release, a spokesman for the Ministry of Justice said: “Considering the offender has passed his post sentence probation supervision it would be for the police if they feel this (having a Facebook profile) violates the law.”

A spokesman for Cumbria Police said: “Offenders who are released into the community are managed through a variety of single and multi-agency processes.

“Some are managed through statutory multi-agency public protection arrangements, others are managed either by single agencies or through other non-statutory partnership working.

“The fact that a person is subject of a violent offender order does not in of itself dictate the process under which they are managed in the community.

“Each individual case is assessed taking account of all the information relevant to protecting the community and safeguarding the individual where appropriate.”

McCarthy was approached on Facebook for a comment on his release but he had not replied by the time The Mail went to press.