PROBLEMS on the A590 which leave fed-up motorists sitting in miles of tailbacks could soon be eased.

Senior members from Ulverston Town Council held a constructive meeting with Highways Bosses to thrash out plans to tackle recent issues on the road

Issues were raised on the traffic problems caused at Canal Street after work was carried out by an electrical company as part of a new housing development.

The town council had been inundated with complaints following backlogs during rush hour traffic.

A key part of the meeting was that Cumbria County Council is going to take a role in co-ordinating utility companies to carry out work at the same time following recent legislation changes.

Weeds and trees will be sorted out between Highways England, South Lakeland District Council and Cumbria County Council.

And local traffic lights at Princes Street and the A590 will be re-organised to give better time for travel across the road.

Councillor Mark Wilson attended the meeting and was left feeling positive with what was said.

He said: "It was a long-winded meeting but progress has been made and I am very pleased.

"The main issue was the traffic lights and the fact no sensors were on them, which they have said they will tweak.

"Highways England listened very carefully to our issues that we raised and they gave salient answers.

"United Utilities also attended and they explained carefully why there was so much disruption on Canal Street."

Colin Pickthall, who also attended the meeting, said improvements should be on the way.

He said:"I felt Highways England and other authorities who attended did their best to address the issues on the A590.

"Issues were made about people with difficulties crossing the road because there are too many traffic lights towards the town but we know we cant do anything about that.

"The fact they remembered all our complaints and issues, some from years ago, is encouraging and they took each point very seriously.

"In the end there was too much to discuss in detail, but the main issues were covered extensively and I believe changes will be made to make the A590 better and safer in the future."