A YELLOW weather warning has been issued for Cumbria this weekend.

All non-coastal areas are subject to the warning.

People can expect ice, motorists are being urged to take extra care with temperatures falling to between 2 and 3°C on Saturday.

It will also be cloudy and windy throughout the day, with wind speeds of 20mph to 30mph.

Winds are expected to make it feel like -4 °C throughout most of Saturday.

From 12pm, rain is more likely. With chances of precipitation between 60 per cent and upwards of 95% from 1-10pm.

On Sunday, things will feel a lot warmer at 3-4 °C and actual temperatures between 6-7°C.

It is also expected to be dryer, with 50 per cent chance of rain at 6pm but expected to be dry the rest of the day.

Sunday is expected to be less windy, with 8mph to 18mph winds.