TORY MP Trudy Harrison has told The Mail that Theresa May standing down before the next election is the right call, but paid tribute to the Prime Minister's hard work.

Mrs May won a vote of confidence in her leadership of the Conservative Party by 200 votes to 117.

The Prime Minister won the confidence vote with a majority of 83, with 63pre cent of Conservative MPs backing her and 37 per cent voting against her.

Mrs Harrison, who represent Copeland, said the games of party politics should not be played.

She said: “I voted to support the Prime Minister because I value her integrity and determination, her honesty and incredible commitment to this nation - there is no denying that.

“However I do recognise she is now if a very difficult situation, knowing that 117 colleagues chose not to support her.

“They have a clear choice - to act in the national interest or to make the Prime Minister’s job even more difficult."

She added that all members of the party needs to support the Brexit withdrawal agreement.

Mrs Harrison, the Millom MP, said: “Making the job more challenging will have deep and damaging implications for each and everyone of us.

“At this critical time, the games of party politics should not be played.

“I had made my concerns about the backstop very clear I very much hope that the Prime Minister can achieve those legal and political assurances so nobody has an excuse not to support the withdrawal agreement.

“Therefore we can get on and deliver Brexit - which is currently a distraction we could all do without, secure the best deal we can, implement and move on."

Mrs Harrison said the next Prime Minister will have to be an ambitious leader who will have to highlight the importance of the Northern Powerhouse.

She said: “Getting us out of the EU has taken a huge toll which has required a particular personality and substantial stamina.

“The future will require an ambitious leader, who will fly the flag for our great nation during a period of establishment, a strong exporter and growth, especially in the north - the power house of Britain.”