We asked readers the best places to buy a pie, and here are your answers...

1. Thomas’s Bakery on Cavendish Street, Barrow, produces a full range of 90 different products using all local supplies - including award-winning pies

2. Bake Shed, Roose Road, Barrow, sells a fantastic range of freshly made sandwiches,salads and confectionery to the highest standard. It also stocks pies,pastries and meats from Higginsons based in Grange-over-Sands

3. Premier Open All Hours, Ulverston Road, Dalton, not only sells alcohol, tobacco, sweets and soft drinks but according to readers also very tasty pies

4. Pattons Family Butcher, Wellington Street, Millom, is a local family run business providing award winning sausages and quality meats to Millom and the local area for almost 20 years

5. Higginsons, Main Street, Grange, began over 30 years ago when Stuart and Pauline Higginson set up a small, high street shop that brought the art of butchery to a handful of customers. Since then Higginsons has expanded to include a bespoke delicatessen and take out.

6. Lesley’s Home Bakery, Cavendish Street, Ulverston, sells speciality meat and potato pies, hand-made cakes, sandwiches, breakfasts and jacket potatoes with various fillings and much more.

7. Martin & Smith, Brighton Street, Barrow, serves the best pies in Barrow, according to one reader

8. Greens Pies, Jarrow Street, Barrow, is a firm favourite among many Barrovians. Its good priced pies earned it a place on this list

9. deli.sh, Crellin Street, Barrow. How can you say no to one of their homemade pies. There’s a big range to please anything you are craving.

10. Diggles, Dalton Road, Barrow. Its town centre location is perfect for shopworkers to nip out for a quick lunch. Its pies, peas, gravy and onions is a favourite for many