TRADERS from Barrow Market are ready and waiting as they increase their opening times to meet the demands of festive shoppers.

The market will once again be increasing their opening times to seven days a week in the run up to Christmas.

They will now be open everyday 9am until 5pm until Saturday December 22, except this Sunday (16 Dec) when they will be shut. They will also be open on the Sunday December 23 from 10am to 4pm and on Christmas Eve 9am until 5pm.

Jacqui Armstrong, admin assistant at Barrow Market, said: “This is something that has become somewhat of a tradition for us and our customers.

“This we have done to make sure we are catering for all our customers who have become familiar with our increased opening times over Christmas.

“It is also to make sure that we are meeting the increased demand in the run up to Christmas and giving traders the opportunity to earn more.

“It isn’t compulsory for every trader to open for these times, as many of our traders tend to be very busy with orders. But we are all here ready and waiting to offer the very best to all our Christmas shoppers.”

Ian Rafter, owner of Fat Bob’s DVD, CD and Vinyl stall, said: “I would choose to be open these times all the way through the year if I could, but hopefully it will help to bring in more trade."

When asked what his biggest sellers were , Mr Rafter said: “DVD’s and CD’s are still going strong, but it is vinyl’s that have really taken off.

“We will be open for all the days and I really look forward to welcoming all the Christmas shoppers. We have lots on offer from classic Western, music videos to blockbuster DVD’s.”

Chris Hewson, owner of Chewy’s Confectionery stall, said: “We will also be open everyday as we have done every year for the past 13 years.

“People tend to like the market because of the individuality of each stall, which you simply don’t get in mass production.

“We also have 1000 customers that are more like friends who come back time and time again looking for their favourite sweets-midget gems are one of the most popular.”

Wendy Gunning, market committee member and owner of three of the stalls, said: “For me it helps to bring in people who can’t always shop on market days. It also means we can spend more time with our customers, giving them advice if and when they need it. We can also provide more bespoke and unique services for each of our customers.”