TOWN councillors have reacted with fury after it was revealed Millom’s last bank is to close it doors.

Barclays on St George’s Road has announced plans to shut its branch in March next year.

The company said ‘customers are increasingly using other ways to do their everyday banking.’

This is the second bank to close on the street in recent years, with Natwest closing in October 2017.

Barclays customers wishing to speak to a clerk will have to travel to Ulverston or Barrow once the bank closes.

Mayor of Millom Jane Micklethwaite voiced her concern for the customers in the area - but also for Barclays employees who could lose their jobs as a result of the closure.

She said: “The people of Millom have lost the human face of banking in the town.

“Lots of people don’t have access to online banking and some will struggle to get to Ulverston or Barrow to reach a branch.

“Sadly, this is another service to leave the town.

“With the registry, job centre, pool and the second bank to close, we’re being left with less services and an increasing number of empty buildings.

“While the national trend may be towards online banking, the bank in Millom was very active.

“It is also a tragedy to see the jobs of those working in the bank to be lost.

“It is very disappointing.”

Felicity Wilson, Newtown Ward and Copeland Borough Councillor, said: “As one of Millom’s Barclays customers, I am very aware of the loyalty of the people in Millom to Barclays.

“The bank is popular and well used.

“The closure is a real issue for those less familiar with online banking.

“Public transport is inadequate to the needs of residents, so getting to Barrow or Ulverston to use a branch will be difficult.

“Barclays customers deserve a better service.”

Millom resident Judith Tomlinson explained how she had joined Barclays following the closure of Natwest so was “dismayed” to find out the Millom branch is also set to close.

She said: “I don’t use online banking and don’t want to have to travel all the way to Barrow or Ulverston to speak to someone in person.”