A Cumbrian Member of Parliament met with members of the constituency last night to discuss Brexit.

John Woodcock, MP for Barrow and Furness, was in Tesco Extra on Hindpool Rd yesterday (Thursday) evening, holding an open discussion on Brexit.

Mr Woodcock listened to the opinions of constituency members and answered questions ahead of the Parliamentary Brexit vote, set to take place on Tuesday December 11th.

Mr Woodcock faced a number of residents calling for the government to follow through with Brexit without a deal in place. Despite these calls, Mr Woodcock stood by his opposition of a no deal Brexit, he said: "A no deal Brexit will do untold damage to our economy."

One resident pleaded with Mr Woodcock to reject the current deal.

She said: "I believe no deal is the best option now, we voted to leave, if we had voted to remain we wouldn't be asking which parts of the EU we wanted to stay in and which parts we didn't, so why is there such a carry on when we're trying to leave.

"It was the arrogance of the Government under David Cameron that has lead us to this point, there was no plan when we had the vote of what to do if we voted leave because they didn't think it would happen.

"Theresa May's deal would make us worse off than staying in the European Union."

During the discussion, another resident suggested post Brexit, the UK would be free to make trade with country's like China and Argentina and be able to agree deals without EU intervention.

Mr Woodcock said: "New trade deals take an extraordinarily long time and proceedings can drag on for years."

He went on to explain whilst deals with countries further afield are possible, the importance of being able to trade freely with neighbouring countries can't be understated.

During the referendum, Barrow voted 60.6% in favour of leave.

Mr Woodcock voted with the government on one of the votes in which they were defeated last week.

“I did not oppose the opposition’s motion on contempt once the government’s amendment to it had been defeated,” he said. 

“And I voted in favour, along with the rest of the opposition, on Conservative backbencher Dominic Grieve’s amendment to give parliament more control in the event of no deal.”