A 30-YEAR-old mum of one left paralysed by terminal cancer has thanked her family and friends for supporting her.

Briar Butler who in recent weeks has undergone surgery on a brain tumour paid the emotional tribute through The Mail.

As a result of the tumour, Briar is now paralysed on the left side of her body, she is unable to walk and has no peripheral vision.

Despite having six different surgeries on her skull, the front of her brain is still only protected by thin layers of skin.

Everyday she makes the five-hour round trip to Preston to receive five-minute radiotherapy sessions.

Speaking of her gratitude to everyone who has supported her, she said: “I’m so gratefull to everyone who has helped and supported me, my friends and family have done so much, especially my mum.”

Briar’s mother, Beverley Shirreffs, described what the family are going through as a “constant nightmare,” she talked about how they live day to day scared Briar might die.

She said: “Every day Briar faces the possibility she might die, it could be today, it could be tomorrow, it never goes away.”

Beverley described how difficult it is for Briar’s four-year-old son Noah to see his mother like this.

“He doesn’t really understand what’s going on,” she said. “He doesn’t realise one day his mum won’t be here.”

“I can’t let him know if I have a headache or he thinks ‘grandma is ill like mummy.”

She admits it hurts her to see her own daughter so ill.

“I’m losing a little bit of my daughter every day,” she said. “With all the work caring for Noah and making sure Briar is alright, I’ve never had the chance to grieve for her, I can’t let her see me upset as it would upset her as well.”

“It broke my heart when she turned to me and said ‘mum please don’t let me die,’ and I couldn’t promise her everything was going to be alright.”

When asked if the Barrow community could do anything to support her family, she said: “All the money in the world can’t put this right, there is no fix for this.”