A MAJOR refurbishment to a popular restaurant has been revealed by its new owner.

The Custom House in Abbey Road was acquired by new owner Liam Quigley earlier in the year as he set out about refurbishing the establishment in a revamp worth up to £100,000.

Extensive work has been done on the existing restaurant in the building, which also includes a basement function room and another eatery in the form of the One Restaurant.

Mr Quigley worked with Barrow designer Nicola’s Interior - and explained how the inspiration for the new decor came from close to home.

He said: “I worked with the designer and my mum on the new interior of the restaurant but I have no taste when it comes to things and they know much better than me.

“The colours we have used are actually the same ones from my family home because my mum chose them.”

As part of changes to building Mr Quigley has jettisoned the laser zone that previously existed on the second floor.

The space is now used as an office for the 11 staff he employs under his company The Coastal Group, which mainly focuses on payroll management.

As well as the furnishing Mr Quigley has also made changes to the menu based on his previous experiences of eating at the restaurant every lunchtime.

He said: “I bought The Custom House because I used to visit it every day for my lunch.

“I still eat there and now I’ve brought in a roast dinner, which was previously missing from the menu.

“All the people I have spoken to about the new menu have responded very well to it.”

Mr Quigley is planning further works for the building.

He said he wanted to bring in a cocktail bar named Cherry’s after his mum Cheryl in an effort to make The Custom House “the place to be” on a Saturday night.

The Custom House, a listed building, recently received a blue plaque as part of a new heritage trial to mark historic buildings across Barrow.

The business operating in the building will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year.