A VIBRANT taste of India is on offer at Barrow’s newest takeaway.

Thanbir Tandoori is the latest addition to the town’s food scene, lining up alongside the colourful array of shops and other eateries in Cavendish Street.

Its owners are Jabed Miah and Rahena Akthar, who hail from Bangladesh.

Moving to Barrow from Kent, they said business was fruitful after their first weekend in the town.

Mrs Akthar said: “A lot of customers came in to see us over the weekend.

“We were particularly busy on Sunday.”

The new addition to Barrow’s takeaway scene specialises in traditional Indian cuisine as well British fast food staples.

That means chicken or lamb tikka masala and onion bhajis line up on the menu alongside burger and chips.

And the owners marked out their garlic chicken chilli chicken as the jewel in the crown dish on the menu.

On moving to Barrow Mrs Akthar, said: “It’s a bit different.

“It is definitely a long way for us to come but a friend suggested we set up a business here.

“It is a nice place to work.”

Mr Miah has previously been involved in the takeaway business but it’s Mrs Akthar’s first foray in the world of fast food.

She said: “I am very excited to be starting this.

“It is a whole new thing for me.”

According to figures by the food ordering website Just Eat, pizza is the most common takeaway in Barrow, with more than half of places offering the Italian delight.

A third of the takeaways sell kebabs and Indian cuisine places third on the list, with almost of a quarter of Barrow establishments selling this food.

Other takeaways on Cavendish Street include Sizzle In, Efes Continental, Water Lily, Canoodles, Yungnien and Mithali.

Food from the tandoori takeaway is available to order from the Barrow Eats website and app, which launched this year. The venture was set up by local businessmen Scott Beckman, from Walney, and Sam Cunningham, of Barrow.