ROAD closure signs along the A590 alerting drivers are displaying the WRONG information.

Highways Agency bosses plan to close the A590 overnight to carry out essential “wear and tear” repairs.

However, motorists have been left confused after the Highways Agency released conflicting information about the closures.

Signs at Newby Bridge and Low Newton clearly state the A590 will be closed from Wednesday night (Dec 5) for seven nights from 8pm until 6am.

But on Friday evening road bosses released more information saying the road closure was actually taking place yesterday (Dec 3) and lasting until Thursday.

The Mail questioned the Highways Agency over the errors but they refused to apologise.

Instead they said both the signs and the previous announcement were wrong and updated information showed the A590 would be closed on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

On Wednesday and Friday it will be closed between 10pm and 6am and on Thursday between 11pm and 6am.

The road will be closed east of Back Lane at Newby Bridge on a single lane section of the carriageway.

Cllr Dave Webster, Mayor of Ulverston, said: “It is absolutely ridiculous, they only gave us three days notice when planning this work.

"This will now disrupt everyone coming towards Ulverston, Barrow and Millom, whether its residents, delivery drivers or even emergency services and they didn't even clarify why exactly the work needed to take place and where it was going to be."

Cllr Anne Hall, of Broughton and Coniston, said: "The last time traffic was directed towards Coniston from the A590 one large vehicle coming from Barrow met another large vehicle coming the other way and both got stuck.

"These narrow roads simply aren't designed for these type of vehicles and may potentially cause major disruptions."

MP John Woodcock said: "For many weeks motorists have been forced to suffer sporadic but lengthy tailbacks along the A590 and the decision to close the road overnight at Newby Bridge is yet another massive inconvenience for Furness drivers."

A spokesman for Highways England said: “This is vital, if routine, maintenance to ensure users of the A590 in this part of Cumbria can continue to enjoy safe and smooth journeys."

“These wear and tear repairs include work to tackle potholes and resurfacing other sections of the carriageway – work we can only do safely along a single lane section of the route by closing the road in both directions. We are doing these now before we get the worst of the winter weather."