A PANTOMIME show which features well-known actors from Gogglebox and Shameless is coming to Ulverston this Christmas.

The Snow Queen, which includes famous cast members Sandra Martin and Warren Donnelly, hosted a meet and greet day in the town on Friday.

The show is written by Liam Mellor and also features Tamara Scherwitzel as Princess Honour.

Other cast members include Oliver Murphy as the Prince.

Jamie Jones, who is a director for the show, will also perform as the Enchantress of The Ice.

The cast gave people the opportunity to come and see them in the flesh to ask questions and raise the profile of the production, taking place at the Coronation Hall.

Joe Purdy, who is the producer of the production, said the meet and greet was a great opportunity to meet people interested in the shows.

Joe, who also produces pantomimes in Aberdeen, Wrexham and Bolton, said the cast will also be in attendance at the Dickensian Festival next week.

He said: “The meet and greet was about promoting the panto and getting the people of Ulverston involved with our show.

“It will be the first time we will perform at the Coronation Hall and we want to get as many people down as possible.

The panto is about The Snow Queen, played by Lisa Hart, her sister Honour and their friend The Comedy Snowman in this feel good family musical adventure.

They will battle the evil Jack Frost and ensure they break the ice spell on The Snow Queen and the curse of the perpetual winter.

Joe said the people of Ulverston showed a lot of interest in the production.

He said: “Considering it was a Friday we met a lot of people who showed a lot of enthusiasm.

“We went around various shops and locals bought tickets for the shows in December, so it was a good day.”

Joe said including cast members like Sandra Martin and Warren Donnelly shows the quality of the production.

She said: “It is great to have actors like these on board and it highlights the high level of performers we have.

“All the rehearsals are now done and we can’t wait to get going.”

The shows will begin on December 21 at 6pm.

They will run through the festive period, with the last show on December 27.

Tickets at the Coronation Hall cost £13.50 for adults, £12.50 for children and £46 for families.

Christmas Eve Shows cost $14,50 for adults, children £13.50 and families £51.

Buy your tickets today by calling the Box Office on 01229 587140.

For more information go to www.corohall.co.uk.