A DALTON councillor has said the county council is wasting money on some of its work to keep the roads free of weeds and litter.

Speaking at a meeting of Barrow Local Committee on Friday, Cllr Des English said the problem happened recently opposite the hotel on Abbey Road.

He said a council worker was spraying weeds but then a short time later was followed by a road sweeper.

Cllr English (Con, Dalton South) said: “The council has a little four-wheel truck where the guy goes along spraying the road and he was spraying on top of dead leaves. About an hour and half later, along came a road sweeper and sucked them all up – isn’t that a waste of time and money? They have got it the wrong way round. The road sweeper needs to go first and the sprayer follows him. They’re just trying to do their jobs but it seems a bit silly.”

County council officials agreed to feedback to its highways teams.