EXCITING plans are underway to make the K2B and C2B 2019 events bigger and better than ever before.

The organising committee now want to build on the success of this year's event by not only encouraging more Furness participants to get involved but to get visitors from further afield to also take part.

John Mcintosh, K2B committee member, said: "We are aware of the fantastic participation of the people of the Furness Peninsula and would encourage more to become involved in what is an incredible community event that can raise money for their preferred charity.

"For next year we are looking to expand participation into other areas - Kendal is a prime example of the people we are targeting.

"By working with partners such as St John's Hospice in Lancaster, who will enter teams and have monies donated to them, as well as working with our media partners such as The Mail and it's parent company Newsquest we are looking to expand participation."

St John’s Hospice has been providing palliative care to the community for more than 30 years. Although it is based in Lancaster, it offers support to people living across the South Lakes.

BAE Systems has also agreed to sponsor the event again for another year.

Sara Brown, team coordinator for St John's Hospice will be involved in a Q and A session as part of the presentation evening tonight.

As part of the drive to increase participation in the wider Cumbria area, K2B will also be leading an advertising campaign, working to develop a more active social media presence for the two events and working with a number of websites who specialise in advertising for events similar to the K2B and C2B.

Mr Mcintosh said the K2B committee was committed to taking the experiences of past years, both positive and negative to improve both events going forward.

He said: "We are aware that the increased length of the event for the 50th year of the walk to 42 miles was too far.

"In 2018 the route was disrupted by the "Beast from the East" which prompted a route rethink and reduction to 39.2miles.

"We are committed to maintaining the distance at below 40 miles and working with partners to ensure the route is clearly stated.

"We have no intention for any further change unless dictated to by events out of the control of the committee as in 2018."

John said the planned route for the K2B 2019 will be the same as last year.