A NEW Service Chapel has opened in Barrow offering the community a dignified space to have funeral services for people with a variety of different beliefs and values.

The recently opened “Trevelyan” Service Chapel based in Dalkeith Street, Barrow, is a new addition to Little and Caine’s provision of funeral services to the community.

The site has undergone major development to create a state-of-the-art space offering bespoke facilities and technology to meet the needs of families in the area.

Paul Caine, managing director said: "A big driving force behind creating the space was to offer the community of Barrow a dignified space for people to take their time and reflect on their lost loved ones, rather than this conveyor belt feeling some services offer.

"We also wanted to address the issue of funeral poverty by offering a more affordable option for people in Barrow.

"We are still able to provide traditional services, but we can also provide other features that nowhere else in the area can.

"The beauty of the new chapel is that it provides unlimited service options for families.

"You can now choose “who” conducts the service, how the service is run and what form of remembrances you would like - from the music to imagery.

"We aim to provide flexibility to fit in with peoples ever-busy lives and with this in mind, the Chapel is available Saturdays and Sundays as well as week days."

If you would like more information regarding the services that they offer you can contact Little and Caine on 01229 820747 or at: barrow@littleandcaine.co.uk