BLUEBIRD is looking set to launch at Coniston once again at some point next year.

After testing at Loch Fad in Scotland earlier this year, Bluebird has regained it’s wings and had several successful test runs.

Originally piloted by Donald Campbell in the 50’s and 60’s, Bluebird set several water speed records before crashing at Coniston in 1967.

The crash resulted in the tragic death of Donald Campbell after Bluebird became airborne before slamming back into the water and sinking to the lake bed.

Bluebird was recovered by Bill Smith in 2001 and has subsequently been restored by Bill and his team at the Bluebird project.

In August this year Bluebird was officially ready to take to the water again, although it hasn’t been in the water at Coniston since the it’s recovery.

This week Bill and the team at the Bluebird Project met with Coniston Parish Council to discuss whether Bluebird would be able to head back to Coniston.

Currently there is no definite answer as to whether Bluebird will be permitted to enter the water, although Bill and the Bluebird Project team are hopeful for a showing in July of next year.

The Bluebird Project announced on Twitter this week that they were looking into and subsequently found potential launch sites at Coniston. Later they headed for the Lake District National Park head office for a meeting. Details of the meeting are being kept in the dark at this time.

Despite what seems to be a lot of recent progress Bill and the Bluebird Project team are still unsure themselves about the details. Bill said “We’d like to run Coniston in July of next year but the council have yet to make a decision. Obviously we want it to be a big event in the school holidays so that the kids can come see as well.”