MAIL readers have been having their say on an ambitious plan to light up Jubilee Bridge.

Councillor John Murphy wants to cover Jubilee Bridge, which connects Barrow and Walney, with hundreds of LEDs in what he says would rival attractions such as Salford Quays.

Mr Murphy, who represents the Newbarns ward, will present plans for the bridge to Cumbria County Council’s Local Committee for Barrow next month and has also been speaking to a electrical firm to work out the feasibility of his vision.

Dozens of comments were posted on the Mail’s Facebook page about the story.

Gary Bundy said: “Not feeling this one. I’d rather the money was spent on roundabouts at both ends and cycle lanes.”

Kev Thompson added: “Money could be spent on far better and more important things for the town like weedkiller for one. At the moment the town looks a mess.”

Barbara Stewart said: “It would be nice to make things like the bridge light up at night if we had had the money yet you go to Dalton, Ulverston and Millom and they look great.

“What’s gone wrong in Barrow especially over Christmas. Barrow looks poor in comparison.”

Sherrona Shaw said: “Somthing needs doing to it to at least make it look better than it all ready does! Bloody eye sore if you ask me.”

Peter Morgan said: “Spend the money on cleaning the weeds from the streets is a better idea.”

And Jeffrey Holt added: “I agree with this idea in principle it would make the area look more amazing than it does already I love Walney.

“However people have said they’d rather money be spent elsewhere where it’s desperately needed which is a fair point

“It’s sad however that it comes down to that, doing something to make the town look nice or essential maintenance.”