A BRIDGE adorned with bright lights could become the new centrepiece attraction for Barrow.

Councillor John Murphy wants to cover Jubilee Bridge, which connects Barrow and Walney, with hundreds of LEDs in what he says would rival attractions such as Salford Quays.

Mr Murphy, who represents the Newbarns ward, will present plans for the bridge to Cumbria County Council’s Local Committee for Barrow next month and has also been speaking to a electrical firm to work out the feasibility of his vision.

The bridge has been the subject of much disruption for drivers and pedestrians while improvement works take place to resurface it and replace steelwork.

Mr Murphy, of Walney, said his idea would be a reward for everyone who has faced inconvenience crossing the bridge.

“We have the town hall and we have Furness Abbey but I want Jubilee Bridge to be the next highlight for the town.

“I love our bridge and I want it to become a centrepiece for the town.

“A lot of cities have big bright lights on landmark attractions and this would be Barrow’s version of that.

“It would look glorious on a nice summer’s evening and it would enhance the beauty of the bridge.

“I think it is a wonderful idea and I hope the people of Barrow would support me in doing something positive for the bridge."

Mr Murphy said the lights on the bridge would change colour and could, for example, shine Barrow AFC blue whenever the football team wins.

The councillor said his idea had the backing of the bridge roadworks contractors Story Contracting.

He also said he would like to hold a festival on Walney after the Jubilee Bridge works are completed to celebrate the island.

Walney South Councillor Frank Cassidy said he welcomed Mr Murphy’s plan but thought his idea would ultimately prove too costly.

He said: “Government cuts to local authority budgets mean purse strings are very tight.

"John's idea is an interesting one that is certainly worth exploring."

The work on Jubilee Bridge has been ongoing since July and chiefs from Cumbria County Council have said improvements would be finished by the end of this month.

Cllr Dave Pidduck, the leader of Barrow Council agreed with Mr Cassidy that the bridge plan would be a good idea in principle but finding the money could prove difficult.

He said: “It is a nice idea but you have got to find the funding for it.

“You look at some places and they floodlight their buildings. Some buildings in Barrow would look superb if they were floodlit.

“It all comes down to the money.

“It is easy for people to make the desire but someone has to sit down and come up with a plan.

“It’s a nice idea until you attempted to do there’s not really a lot you could say."