A WOMAN said she “feared for her life” after she narrowly avoided being hit by a group of teenagers riding towards her in clown masks on the side of a bridge.

Lisa Smith, 52, said “six or seven” teenage boys sped towards her while she walking on the pavement down the side of Jubilee Bridge, between Walney and Barrow, at the weekend.

Miss Smith said the boys “hurtled” towards and that she only escaped serious injury by grabbing a railing at the last second.

She has called for more to be done to stop people cycling on the bridge walkway to prevent others incurring injury.

Miss Smith, who lives on Walney, walks across the bridge every day to get to work at the Sea Breeze chip shop.

She said: “I was walking across the bridge and these lads came hurtling towards me at full speed and looked like there were not going stop.

“They were wearing white clown masks which had red noses and black eyes.

“It was so frightening. I feared for my life.

“I had to dodge out of the way and grab the rail, otherwise I don’t know what could have happened to me.”

Miss Smith said she was “still in shock” after the incident and called for action to be taken to stop cyclists crossing the bridge on the pavement.

She said: “Something needs to be done to stop people doing this.

“Other people, such as my 75 year-old dad, would not have the mobility be able to get out of the way like I did.

A police spokeswoman said: “The police take all reports of anti-social bike riding seriously and all reports will appropriately investigated. The public’s support in reporting such incidents is vital and we encourage anyone who has experienced a bicycle being ridden antisocially on or off the pavement to report it to the police at their earliest opportunity. The more reports we receive about such incidents the clear a picture we can build of problem areas and we can then resource to these areas where appropriate.”

Walney South councillor Frank Cassidy said: “What appears to be an episode of high jinks has resulted in an island resident being left badly shaken and I feel sure that the perpetrators would not like to see any member of their families distressed in this way. If Lisa Smith had been hit by the cyclists then very serious consequences might have followed.”

Repairs works are currently being carried out on the bridge and cyclists are supposed to dismount when they travel across it.

Cllr Cassidy added: “We have appealed for bridge users to act sensibly and show consideration for others while essential repair works are being carried out and I am repeating that message today.” MP John Woodcock has called for a safe cycle path on the bridge.