A RENOWNED hotel is set to undergo wholesale changes with a rebranding of the business to try and change its fortunes.

Clarence House County Hotel, which has served the people of Dalton for over 40 years, will change their name to Valley View Dalton.

Clarence House will scrap their traditional restaurant and venue hiring complex at the end of October.

The new business will undergo extensive redevelopments and open a new café, interior and gift shop.

The hotel side of the business will not be affected, and the new change of direction is set to cost tens of thousands of pounds.

A new interior will see a fresh makeover and feature soft furnishing in the style of people’s homes.

The café will cover most of the ground floor with a view overlooking the valley.

Victoria Barber-Bolam, Managing Director at Valley View Dalton, said the accommodation would see gradual improvements.

Mrs Barber-Bolam added that everyone involved believes the changes will be positive.

She said: “I can’t wait for the changes, it’s a new and exciting time for everyone concerned.

“We have everything in place for the gift shop and café with a superb view for customers.”

She added: “The shops will provide things to enhance customers’ homes.

“It is going to be nothing like people have seen before.

“It’s going to bring new jobs and hopefully new people to the area.”

Mrs Barber-Bolam said the market is changing and the company must change with it to survive.

She said there was no need for the restaurant and the company can’t rely on people coming once a year.

Mrs Barber-Bolam added that locals and staff are feeling positive about the rebranding.

She said: "All the staff are on board and have a very good feeling about what we are going to do.

“We did everything we could to keep the restaurant but people did not want it.”

“This rebranding will be perfect for the business and everyone is going to love the changes.”