AN author is adapting to the ups and downs of life as a full time writer as she prepares to celebrate the release of her second book.

Last year Karen Osman, 39, formerly of Ulverston but now based in Dubai, won the opportunity of a lifetime by securing a three-book publishing deal.

Winning this prize through the Montegrappa Writing Prize at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in 2016, Mrs Osman went on to publish her first novel ‘The Good Mother’, and most recently her second, ‘The Home’.

Mrs Osman said: "They say that the second book is always harder to write and I would agree with that. With my debut, there was certainly less pressure. In addition, I needed to do more research for The Home which was an enjoyable part of the process but this meant it took longer to write and the deadline was looming.

"Saying that, The Home was easier in some ways as I’d learnt a lot during the writing of my first book which I could then apply to the second.

The Home revolves around a girl called Angela who grew up in a children's home who is desperate to find her birth mother. But, as described by Mrs Osman, their eventual reunion is "no fairy tale."

Although it was a dream come true to finally become an author there were hard lessons to learn for the mother of two. and it was at times a difficult lifestyle to adapt to.

She said: "Being an author is definitely living up to my expectations and I’m very lucky to be able to do what I do.

"However, one thing I didn’t cope with as well as I thought I would was the sheer amount of solitary time.

"So these days I write in a coffee shop or a workspace with friends a couple of times a week. I also didn’t realise just how much work goes into writing a novel. I read a lot and I now have a deeper sense of appreciation for authors and their work."

After writing two novels, and then beginning her third, managing time properly has been essential to hitting her deadlines. But, says Mrs Osman, her children have lent a hand in their own special way.

She said: "With two young children time can be limited but it also removes the temptation to procrastinate. I’m organised and have a good routine, I write in the morning which works well for me. Whether I feel inspired or not – the most important thing is to get the words down on paper."

The Home is now available to pre-order online and in store.