A 23-YEAR-OLD man took his own life after fleeing from a domestic incident where he had smashed his ex partner's door with a hammer, an inquest heard.

Police found Callum John Robson hanging in the back alley of Greengate Street, near the School Street junction, in Barrow, on April 9 last year.

The inquest at Barrow Town Hall Hall was told that officers were called to Paradise Street at around 8.30pm, as Mr Robson was drunk and using a hammer to smash the front door of Samara Kershaw's home. Shortly after Mr Robson disappeared, Miss Kershaw received a text message from him saying he was behind the gym on Greengate Street. Officers then discovered Mr Robson in the back street.

Officers gave Mr Robson CPR. A defibrillator was attempted to be used, but the machine advised the user not to shock the patient. Paramedics and the team at Furness General Hospital A&E worked on Mr Robson, but he was pronounced dead at FGH at 9.58pm.

Assistant coroner for Cumbria, Mr Robert Chapman, concluded that Mr Robson's cause of death was hanging and that Mr Robson had killed himself.

A toxicology report showed Mr Robson had 205ml of alcohol in his blood and a therapeutic level of an anti depressant drug. Medical reports showed Mr Robson had treatment for anxiety, depression and alcohol problems. In May 2014 Mr Robson had attempted to hang himself after heavy use of alcohol. He had had received assistance for the Crisis team.

The hearing was told that he had got in trouble with the law through alcohol use and had spent time in prison.

In November 2016 Mr Robson had an overdose from the mixture of an unknown drug, with plant food and alcohol. Mr Robson told mental health care professionals that this was an recreational overdose and not an attempt to end his life.

Mr Robson was prescribed medication to stop the binge drinking and the inquest heard how this had worked for some months. Mr Robson engaged with staff from the Access and Liaison Integration Service and First Step and told them that he had no suicidal intent and that he had enjoyed his work as a bricklayer.

In January then failed to attend an appointment with First Step and the hearing heard he had changed in January around the time he started a new contract job.

Mr Robson, had lived with his father, Simon Hunt, in Paradise Street, across the road from his girlfriend.

Mr Robson had been told that the relationship with Miss Kershaw had ended. Giving evidence Miss Kershaw said: "He was not the same Callum when he had a drink." The coroner asked if Mr Robson had shown violence towards her on occasions and she replied 'yes'. Speaking about the domestic incident, she said: "Callum had a hammer and was banging the door and smashing the glass. I was holding the door closed."

Mr Hunt said his son had been "angry, upset and pretty drunk" on the night of his death.

Coroner Mr Robert Chapman said: "He tried to come off the booze. It's clear from all the evidence he had drinking bouts where he binged and he just lost it and he got involved in all sorts of trouble.

"A previous time he tried to hang himself in 2014. In November 2016 he overdosed on some drugs he got from a friend with some plant food and drink, he was in hospital and he got assistance form the mental health team. He said enough was enough and 'I'm going to get myself right'. The medication to help him stop drinking worked for several week and months. "For some reason that changed in January and he started drinking. He had changed his job.

"We have heard he was a lovely lad. But when he drank there had been issues and occasions where he had assaulted Samara. You were fed up when he was drunk and it is no surprise Samara would not, and could not, put up with it."

Mr Chapman said there was nothing the police, ambulance and those at FGH could do for Mr Robson.

"It is absolutely clear he knew what he was doing. He had too much to drink. He was upset that the relationship with Samara was at an end, no one would put up with that. He has gone off and hanged himself, and unfortunately this time he was successful in doing so.

"It seems plain to me he was affected by drink, he knew what he was doing, he was able to text where he was. The cause of death was hanging and I conclude that he killed himself.

"Despite his bouts of drinking you loved him. It is a great shame."