THE new presenters of Top Gear visited Cumbria at the weekend. 

Chris Evans, reportedly with his co-stars in tow, stayed at Muncaster Castle over the weekend. Speculation suggests the team was there to undertake some filming for the upcoming series of the popular motoring show, which Evans presents alongside Rory Reid, Matt LeBlanc, Sabine Schmitz and Chris Harris. 

Peter Frost-Pennington On his BBC Radio 2 show this morning, Chris Evans interviewed Peter Frost-Pennington, whose family lives in Muncaster Castle. 

Prompting Mr Frost-Pennington to wax lyrical about his home, the DJ described Muncaster as having "one of the best views on the planet". 

Mr Frost-Pennington replied: "It's the gateway to paradise. It's breathtaking. People come and look at the view and they gasp."

Remaining somewhat tight-lipped about the finer details of his visit, Evans seemed keen to urge others to visit Muncaster. 

"A lot of people stop at Bowness and Coniston but if you go a bit further north and turn left, there you are," he said. 

On Twitter, both Evans and his co-presenter LeBlanc have referred to filming Top Gear over the last week. Tweets describe trips to Cornwall, Liverpool and Blackpool while LeBlanc confirmed on Thursday night that filming was due to start the following day.