THE renewable energy sector has won global acclaim after seeing a record year in growth. 

An independent report has revealed record investment and installation of renewable energy projects such as wind and solar farms. 

The report, released yesterday by independent body REN21, puts the UK as the fourth biggest producer of renewable energy and most recent figures place Cumbria among the top 10 wind producers in the country. 

LEADING THE WAY----Joe Martin from Britain's Energy Coast praises Cumbria's efforts in renewable energy production. FRIDAY 2nd OCTOBER 2015. DAVID HOLLINS 50080548F013.jpg Joe Martin, energy man at Britain's Energy Coast, has reported a significant growth in the number of businesses turning their minds to renewable energy. 

He said: "We are seeing a good uptick in both interest in, and the commissioning of, renewable generation projects across the globe. Cumbria is not exempt from this interest. 

"On one end of the scale we have the Walney Extension down at Barrow that will see wind energy supplied up to 460,000 homes, and it’s pleasing to see interest at the smaller end of the scale too. 

"More small businesses are looking at renewable energy solutions to both cut their energy costs and contribute to the UK’s low carbon future."

Cumbria is home to key energy projects that are making a significant imprint on the UK's renewable output. 

Most recent figures from independent think tank, Green Alliance, show Cumbria is ranked among the 20 biggest producers of renewable energy in the country. 

The figures also show that Cumbria is the ninth biggest producer of on-shore wind in the country while other sources came from biomass and solar energy. 

South Lakeland was the in the top 100 local authority areas in the country and is one of England's top 10 producers of hydropower.

Amy Mount, senior policy adviser at Green Alliance, believes these figures highlight how important people view renewable energy.

She said: “These new stats show the world is already moving in a low carbon direction. 

"Renewables are now mainstream infrastructure, powering 25 per cent of UK’s electricity last year."

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