THE Hoad Hill Marathon has also attracted runners from further afield this year and one such competitor is 35-year-old Victoria Mousley, an English teacher from Accrington.

Victoria is what many people would deem a "serious runner" and usually runs ultra marathons while she is coached by London-based trainer Andy Willing.

Victoria said: "I am really looking forward to taking part in the Hoad Hill Marathon, I have been involved with events organised by Gaynor Prior in the past and they have always been fantastic.

"I always love driving through the Lakes and I was very interested to see the route for the Ulverston race.

"I had my foot operated on in January this year and this will be the first time I have raced in a marathon since then. I always run on hilly terrain and never on the road so I think I will be suited to the route."

For Victoria, fitting her training in with her job as a senior school English teacher and taking care of her little girl can sometimes be tough, but she is a firm believer that everyone can fit exercise into their routine if they try hard enough.