FINDING an exercise class that is truly enjoyable is extremely rare.

Usually, when personal trainers go in to raptures about how your body will begin to love working out, we just roll our eyes.

However, the latest fitness craze to hit the Furness peninsula may just be one of those elusive activities that has you working up a sweat while having a great laugh along the way.

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Suzanne Steele, 43, of Bank Head, Haverigg, has set up a trampolining dance aerobics class which is so much fun I barely noticed as a full hour-long workout slipped by.

I attended Suzanne's 'Boogie Bounce' class at her Barrow venue in the Multiple Sclerosis Hall on Schneider Road to find that the place was packed out with women.

Suzanne supplied each of the women with their own individual trampoline with a little handle to help with balance if need be. Speaking as somebody who attends everything from spinning to high intensity interval training to dance workouts, I was pleasantly surprised to see such a full class. There were 20 women in attendance and I found that they were all regulars who relied on the class for keeping themselves trim and active.

This was quite a contrast from many spinning or circuit classes at local gyms which often only attract two to three gym-goers each session.

Suzanne said: "I started teaching Boogie Bounce at Millom in April 2015, then the opportunity arose to become a licensee in the Barrow and surrounding areas in August 2015.

"I then moved to Dalton and the classes became so popular that I needed a bigger venue. That is when I decided to move to Schneider Road Hall in Barrow and Urswick Recreation Hall, where I deliver multiple classes throughout the week across both venues.

"I intend to have a third venue very soon, to make the classes accessible across the Furness peninsula. I also hope to offer sessions to local schools as part of their extra curriculum activity program.

"I think what has really got Boogie Bounce thriving is the fun factor and the social aspect of the class. It is also accessible to women of any age group. Some of the ladies bring their children and I also do children's parties. Then at the other end of the spectrum I've had a lady in who was 73! The class is great for anybody from age eight to 80."

Trampoline rebounding classes have got increasingly popular in the UK after becoming a favourite at London's top dance and fitness studios in Parsons Green and Chelsea.

As Suzanne stresses, the class is adaptable to any level of fitness and she encourages her ladies simply to keep moving through the whole hour, even if they struggle with some of the more complex moves.

I attended my first Boogie Bounce class on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year and the 30 degree heat created a Bikram effect - where the heat makes you lose more sweat - in the trampoline studio, giving me a serious workout as I bounced away, valiantly trying to keep up with the coordinated Suzanne.

She said: "The way I would describe Boogie Bounce is uplifting and euphoric! You can dictate your own workout and the low-impact, high energy cardio is very easy on your joints. It hits your bum, belly and legs at the same time and is up to two to three times more effective than normal aerobics. I have had a lot of girls who have lost multiple dress sizes just incorporating Boogie Bounce and a slightly healthier diet in to their lives."

Bouncing along to various dance hits from Dolly Parton to Bring Sally Up for the squatting challenge, the class was very varied and kept me focused. The routine incorporated everything from high kicks, arm circles and lunges to the more unusual 'frog' move which is a Boogie Bounce trademark move.

Suzanne said: "There are so many health benefits from the class but that's not the only reason people come along, people attend just so that they can be a kid for an hour again and enjoy themselves."

That was indeed the most standout thing about the class, most of the women were good friends and they had recently been for a Boogie Bounce night out around Ulverston. The workout was really tough going too and the next day I could really feel the burn in my legs from the squat jumps.

If you are looking for a great way to shed a few pounds while giggling along with the girls, Suzanne is an energetic and engaging instructor with seemingly boundless energy and plenty of patience. I would definitely recommend this class.


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