READERS of the Evening Mail are today invited to help beat the spread of damaging fake news - by supporting impartial local journalism.

CN Group, the family-owned business which operates popular news brands across Cumbria, has maintained free-to-access sites at a time when others in the industry have imposed charges.

It's important we do that, for we want as many local people to be able to access the important local content we publish every day.

From holding those in power to account, to providing you with need-to know information; from news and reviews from the gig and theatre scene to the latest from our schools, courts and council chambers, we cover it all.

We want to keep it that way for as long as possible - and today ask that you consider making a financial contribution to ensure that can happen.

How much is down to you, although we have set the minimum amount at £5 and the maximum at £1,000.

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Group editor James Higgins said: "We're absolutely passionate about bringing the news that matters to our readers across all of our websites.

"Doing that - and more importantly doing it right - takes huge resource which we continue to invest in.

"But we cannot continue indefinitely to offer our digital content for free; there has to be a return somewhere down the line for the investment we make in our local teams.

"That's why we are today inviting readers to help us keep the hundreds, if not thousands of articles we publish across out network of sites every week free for all to view."

There are two ways to support impartial local journalism. You can either make a one off contribution, or opt to make a regular monthly payment.

In making a financial contribution , you will be helping to support your local journalists - and aiding the battle against fake news which blights so many digital channels.