The owners of the award-winning Tebay Services and Penrith's Rheged, revealed it had increased its turnover in 2017, despite the challenging market.

Westmorland Limited, which also runs Gloucester Services on the M5, said turnover increased to £96.4m from £92.9m in 2016, but profit on ordinary activities before taxation fell slightly to £5.8m from £6.1m, in line with expectations.

It said: "Operating costs were maintained, in spite of the impact on the business of a lower exchange rate, national minimum wage and the new business rate revaluation.

"As planned, the business has continued to invest in building a strong senior management team to manage the expanded business operations and also to develop new opportunities.

"Westmorland started to fund its commitment to Gloucestershire Gateway Trust, with a £0.5m contribution in the year." This commitment impacted on the profit on ordinary activities.

Rob Swyer, chief executive, said, “Together our 1,100 colleagues inspire over 10 million customers with our unique offer of locally sourced, homemade food and great service every day of the year.

"Our work with local producers, charity partners and communities enhance our business, keeping us rooted and dedicated to local communities.”

The business continues to work closely with its local producers – 70 in Cumbria and 130 in Gloucestershire – and it has developed new partnerships.

Gift and lifestyle ranges have been developed, including paper products developed with Cumbrian business James Cropper and sheepskin rugs from Westmorland’s farm.

At Rheged, the filling station was redeveloped and the cinema has expanded its programme to show new film releases.

Tebay Services benefited from a car park extension and new Tesla electric superchargers.

Westmorland’s partnership with Calvert Trust raised £46,000 for the charity and the firm is growing its endowment fund with Cumbria Community Foundation to provide community grants.

Sarah Dunning, chairman of Westmorland, said: “This year has demonstrated strong results across the business which is the result of some very hard work by all our valued people.

"Westmorland will continue to develop its offer, develop its senior leadership team and strengthen relationships with both its producers and its local communities, seeking to carry out exemplar work in all these areas."