THE six-figure amount of money destined to fix the pothole-ridden roads of South Lakeland and Copeland has been revealed.

For the 2017/18 financial year the two councils will receive almost £700,000 to address the poor state of rural roads they oversee. Breaking down the figures South Lakeland will receive the most funding, £478,000, while Copeland will be given £212,000.

The money, which is distributed by the county council, stems from a central government fund of £70m aimed at improving county road networks.

Councillors from both authorities have given their opinions on work needed on our roads. South Lakeland councillor for Ulverston east, Mark Wilson, said: "Whatever they can give us is gratefully accepted but establishing our need may find a figure that is bigger than expected. We have an agreement with the Department for Transport that we will work to a certain standard. If you keep the roads in a good condition we will get more funding."

Copeland Borough Councillor Fee Wilson said that because of the huge amount of industry the borough's economy relied on, good road links were vital.

She said: "Thank goodness we have industry that uses heavy vehicles. but, those heavy vehicles are using rural roads. I don't want to see our industry go.

"I want to see industry in our communities but we've got large vehicles on our roads and more of them coming to the area - that could exacerbate the issue."

As well as this year's funding, estimated figures have been made available for how much the three southern councils. In 2018/19 Barrow will receive £88,000, Copeland £128,000 and South Lakeland £289,000.