YOUNG business brains in Ulverston became master bakers to raise hundreds of pounds for charity and their school.

Pupils from Croftlands Infant and Nursery School took part in the Bright Stars projects which sees schools set up a business to raise funds for school and charities.

The Centre for Leadership Performance gives schools a £50 stake to turn into a profit.

The Croftlands children supported St Mary's Hospice through their venture of making cakes and selling them at afternoon tea events at the school. The team worked with Jayne Moorby from Oxley, who acted as business mentor. The children had business sessions on purchasing ingredients, pricing products and on marketing and design.

The pupils also organised a town trail treasure hunt in Ulverston for children. Little ones had to look for shops had pictures of cakes on display. These pictures had been designed by the pupils.

The pupils also visited Oxley and sold cakes at the business.

The school team raised £704 through their business venture.

Mrs Moorby said the pupils had worked very hard and had been very enthusiastic.