A REPORT has praised the Ministry of Defence in its management of the Defence Nuclear Enterprise.

The enterprise, which is made up of the people and material supply chains in the UK's nuclear deterrent programme is regularly assessed, ensuring the programme can be delivered effectively as possible.

The National Audit Office has said the risks in the delivery of the country's nuclear project remain, but the MoD had made significant improvements in recent years.

Amyas Morse, head of the NAO, said: "Ten years on, some of the significant risks the NAO highlighted in our last report, around costs, skills, commercial relationships and delivery to schedule, remain.

“The Department has now made some positive changes as to how it manages the Nuclear Enterprise and has agreed commercial arrangements designed to improve cost and performance.

"The coming years are crucial. As the department invests heavily in the Dreadnought-class submarines and more widely across the enterprise, it needs to ensure that the new structures, processes and workforce operate effectively together to manage the £2.9 billion affordability gap across the enterprise."

The Dreadnought submarine programme is set to replace the current Vanguard class which currently carry the UK's nuclear deterrent.