SELFLESS members of the Furness community gathered together on Friday to take part in the Great Cumbrian Litter Pick.

The annual event - co-ordinated by Friends of the Lake District - saw people come together to clean up the county's landscapes.

A group of around 15 people met at Ford Park to collect litter from the park and adjacent streets.

They were joined by members of the Ulverston Canal Regeneration Group, which also led a group of budding volunteers who helped to remove discarded waste from the waterways and surrounding areas.

Suzanne Pender, chair of the Ford Park board of trustees, paid tribute to the selflessness and community spirit shown by volunteers who participated.

She said: "Litter is a real issue for us - particularly coffee cups and fast food wrappers.

"We should definitely be supporting this type of event, it's great at bringing the community together.

"We were really pleased with the range of groups we had to come and support the event

"We had children, staff from the local hospice and many other volunteers.

"It was lovely to see such community spirit - after about an hour's litter picking we came back and enjoyed tea and coffee.

"At the end, it was lovely to see the town looking so smart."

Another group spent the day cleaning up a local coastal beauty spot.

Six volunteers spent the afternoon on West Shore beach, clearing the area - a natural habitat for a wide variety of wildlife - of litter and debris.

Volunteer Kim Farr said: "We found the main beach fairly clean, but at the top of the beach we found lots of plastic and food wrappers.

"It's nice to see people come together to put in the effort to improve our environment.

"There is a lot of plastic that has been discarded and this can endanger wildlife"